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Welcome to KhonKaen.com, the online resource for the city and province of Khon Kaen, including the Northeast region of Thailand. Khon Kaen is the commerce and political center of Northeastern Thailand, and is well known for the silk that is manufactured in the area. Khon Kaen is the home of tennis sensation Khun Paradorn Srichaphan. Khon Kaen, Thailand - Welcome to Isaan The province is also home of Thailand's First Olympic Gold Medallist, the 1996 bantam weight Khun Somluck Kamsing. Located in the heart of northeast region of Thailand (Isaan), this community was experiencing one of the fastest growth rates in Thailand until the baht was devalued in 1997. In the last several years, construction has restarted within the city, including the widening of Mitaprahp Road on the West side of Khon Kaen (Highway 2 Bangkok-Nong Khai). The present population of the city is around 150,000. The government had endorsed Khon Kaen as the export center for trade into the Indo-China Region, but politics may play a role in preventing this. Laos and Vietnam have located consulate offices in the city to process visa applications. The city also hosts the largest university in the North East, Khon Kaen University.
An individual is just as likely to see water buffalo weaving in and out of traffic in Khon Kaen as they would a BMW or Mercedes. Men and women dressed for success carrying cell phones & leather briefcases are hustling through the marketplace at lunch time along side orange-robbed Buddhist monks. If hungry, one can purchase grilled chicken and sticky rice at a pushcart in front of Pizza Company. The old and the new integrated into one society that seems to work.
The more popular tourist destinations in Thailand are Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, and Chiangmai, but these places tend to be overly commercialized. If you want to go to a place where you can experience some of the local people, customs, and traditions, Isaan is the place to be. The real Thailand is outside the popular tourist destinations. Northeast Thailand is often neglected by tourists so what better reason do you need to come. It is also a good starting point for excursions into Laos and border visits to Cambodia.
is quite easy by bus, air, train, or car. Thai Air has 4 to 5 flights daily to and from Bangkok (check Thai Airways schedules here). If you have the time to take the train, some of the sights will be quite spectacular and some quite monotonous, but you will be traveling with the local population. The bus is more convenient for the shorter trips, while it is much cheaper it sometimes appears the driver has no concern for anyone's safety (including their own). For more information on transportation within the Khon Kaen city limits, click here.
country of vast beauty. Although it is going through major growing pains, it is still a country full of kind-hearted people who are always willing to give a hand. Family devotion runs extremely deep, and bonds of friendship are very important to the Thai people. It is a country definitely worth visiting, and is an experience one will soon not forget. So Keep Smiling.
it is a country of farming, rural country life, water buffaloes in rice paddies. Other people see a rapidly developing country both technically and economically. The truth of it is, both people are correct. Thailand is one of the few countries left in the world where the people are struggling to hold onto their customs and beliefs while trying to keep pace with a rapidly changing world. Read about the Thai Farmer.
the Northeast are Isaan sausage, kai yang (grilled chicken), som tam (hot + spicy papaya salad), and mu phaeng (marinated grilled pork). In Khon Kaen it's refreshing to get outside of Bangkok's stagnate air and high prices. Prices in the Northeast are considerably cheaper for everything from hotels to food.

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